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       Abbey Walsh is the founder of Focused Fitness, and full time fitness & nutrition professional/presenter. In addition to managing and growing her studio, Abbey presents instructor training programs to educate other fitness professionals. Abbey entered into the fitness industry in 2008 and holds both national and specialty certifications for numerous formats. She completed her Master's of Science in Human Nutrition from the University of Bridgeport, and she has dedicated her career to health and fitness. Abbey has a passion for nutrition education in the community, and loves to spread understanding of life long nutrition. She facilitates small group nutrition coaching, 1:1 coaching, and healthy cooking classes in conjunction with her fitness programs. Abbey loves running Focused Fitness with her husband, Conlan Walsh. He is a teacher at Butler High School and will complete his Master's of Exercise Science from California University of Pennsylvania in the fall of 2015.      

Focused Fitness Staff

Abbey Walsh


My Focus: Helping others find JOY through exercise

My Style: High intesity but FUN with lots of sweat!

My Secret: Helping people find the workout that they fall in love with

My Workout: When I'm not teaching I love taking Rip and yoga. Zumba was the workout that started in all for me so it always has a special place in my booty shaking heart too! I do beachbody workouts at home as well and run in my free time.

My Credentials: Master of Science in Human Nutrition, and Owner at Focused Fitness. AFAA Group Fitness Certified, Lebert Fitness Master Trainer, I also hold speciality training and licensing in zumba, turbo kick, LeBoot, LeBarre, LeHIIT, Piyo, P90x, Insanity, Pop Pilates, cycling, and Tabata Bootcamp.


Conlan Walsh


My Focus: High-Intensity style classes that work on full body strength, agility, and cardio.

My Style: With my background in sports, I have a tendency of running my classes like a practice, pushing you to your best, so you get the most out of your workout. After all, you didn't come to NOT get a workout.

My Secret: I'm right there with you, working beside you, so we can push to the end. Together we're stronger.

My Workout: I enjoy playing all kinds of sports (basketball, tennis, golf, frisbee, etc), jogging with my wife while pushing my toddler in the stroller, and lifting weights.

My Credentials: Master of Exercise Science, Les Mills, Lebert Training Systems, NASM, Insanity, NASE, and Tabata Bootcamp.


Jenna Rhodaberger


My Focus: Choreographed dance fitness.

My Style: Booty Shakin' and fun music.

My Secret: Energy!

My Workout: Pulling my toddler around in his wagon, loads of laundry up and down the stairs and dance parties in the kitchen! Oh… and I also love yoga.

My Credentials: Trained dancer & Zumba Fitness Instructor.


Charlotte Slear


My Focus: Making "exercise" fun while encouraging others from beginning to end.


My Secret: Distraction. I will make you forget you are working out! Laughter is my super power.

My Workout: Caring for my two horses, taking my dog for daily hikes, 21 day fix / extreme, and lifting weights.
I love my Fur Babies!
My Credentials: Certified in Zumba, Piyo, and Hip Hop Hustle.


Dani Carlson


My Focus: Bringing yoga to everyone.
My Style: I teach a vinyasa style Power Yoga
My Secret: An organic flow of movements where poses transition logically.  I like to push my class to their limit, but still offer options and rest periods.
My Workout: I love most any workout.  I enjoy tabata style workouts throughout the week and try to catch RIP and Insanity classes when time allows for it. 

My Credentials: 
100 hour Power Yoga certification through Amazing Yoga in Pittsburgh in May 2011. Completed hands on assist & inversion workshops. Currently has 400+ teaching hours.


Sara McGee


My Focus: Making class fun & being the best I can be everyday!

My Style: Loud, fun and energetic!
My Secret: The participants make my classes special. They encourage each other, are positive, and do their best. Their enthusiasm is contagious. It makes me want to do better by them, and they want to do better by me. It is an awesome positive cycle.

My Workout: Lifting and marathon running. I also workout at home with Chalene Extreme, Focus T25, and P90X3 dvds.

My Credentials: RIP Instructor Certified, NAFC Group Fitness.


Megan Muchicko


My Focus: I specialize in full-body strength and cardio workouts, especially bootcamp style formats.

My Style: Energetic with a mix of high and low impact exercises to satisfy both beginner and veteran participants.

My Secret: My classes are very rarely the exact same. I am always trying something new to give the participants a well-rounded workout experience. You will never know what to expect in each class, keeps everyone on their toes!
My Workout: My own personal workouts include at home workouts with family and friends. I also dabble a bit in running and lifting.

My Credentials: Master's degree in Exercise Physiology from Kent State University. 
American College of Sports Medicine, AFAA Group Fitness, G.E.A.R. Indoor Cycling, Exercise and Obesity Training, Nutrition Counseling, CPR/AED, LeBarre, LeBoot, National Council for Certified Personal Trainers, SilverSneakers, and Zumba Fitness.


Mickey Stewart


My Focus: Yoga, Step Aerobics, and Communication.

My Style:  I teach a little of everything and adapt easily to my client base.

My Secret: I love what I do.

My Workout:  I love to dance, coach gymnastics, and do Pilates.

My Credentials: NETA Group Exercise, Pilates, & Personal Trainer. YMCA Step and Aerobics Instructor. YMCA Instructor Trainer, Mad Dogg Spinning, AEA Water Aerobics, Zumba, Zumba Step, Group TRX, Silver Sneakers, & Yogafit 200 hour.


Leah Space


My Focus: Pilates

My Style:  Inspiring class! Making it fun, effective and safe

My Secret:  A twist on traditional workouts, I take effective exercises and make them appealing to a larger population

My Workout:  I LOVE to walk A LOT and Bike weather permitting with my husband and daughter

My Credentials:  I'm a former fitness business owner certified in many class styles over the years. I'm also a personal trainer, Silver Sneakers instructor, and certified with a phase 3 level Pilates certification. 


Julie James


My Focus:  My goal is to make people feel comfortable working out in a group setting.

My Style: Fun, energetic and upbeat.
My Secret: I bring a lot of positive energy to my classes and make sure to check in with the clients.  I also love taking the time to get to know my clients and offer them personal encouragement.

My Workout:  Pushing my baby in the stroller, at home DVD's, skiing and figure skating!

My Credentials: AFAA indoor cycling and accredited yoga instructor certification in Hatha Yoga.


Brittni Geibel


My Focus: Empowering others to improve their health.

My Style: Energizing & motivating.

My Secret: Using music videos to keep you entertained while the workout speeds by.

My Workout: I am an endurance athlete in the sports of long-distance running and road biking. I also strength-train three times a week.
My Credentials: B.S. in Exercise Science, ACSM Certified Lifestyle Health Coach, & NAFC Group Fitness.

Lynne Rivera


My Focus: Insanity & sports oriented programs

My Style: Relaxed. I love to goof around and talk while I teach. As long as you are giving me your all, something as intense as Insanity can be fun.

My Secret: Encouragement. I love seeing my participants out of breath and ready to fall over. I am proud of you and I will tell you repeatedly that I am.

My Workout: Short & intense, or outdoor running.

My Credentials: ACE group fitness certification, Insanity Certification


Cory Kamer


My Focus: Creating a comfortable atmosphere. I also work great with beginners.

My Style: I am fun and energetic.  I love to see people laugh.

My Secret:  My passion for it all!  I let it drive me.  I sink myself into the music & let the beat guide me to what comes next in the class.
My Workout:  Spinning & weight lifting.

My Credentials: Mad Dogg Certified Spin & UGI instructor, NAFC group fitness instructor, WITS certified personal trainer level II.


Nichole Snyder


My Focus: Interaction with my class. I like to encourage people to push toward their goals. I like to encourage feedback so I can give the class what they need to get the most out of the experience.
My Style: In low impact staying mindful of body posture and movement are key. With high intensity I like the music loud and lots of energy.
My Secret: Keeping  in tune with what my class in needing. I like providing a fun atmosphere where everyone has a level of confidence we can build from.
My Workout: I love all areas of fitness. and feel keeping a well rounded routine benefits me best.  A few of my favorites are strength building, kickboxing, and dance.
My Credentials: NASM Fitness Nutrition Specialist, NAFC Group Fitness Instructor, Certified Piyo Live Instructor & P90X Live Instructor.


Megan Klingensmith


My Focus: Helping everyone feel comfortable and part of the Focused Fitness Family!

My Workout: Rip, Yoga, Zumba, and Running are my favorite workouts.

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